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Divers first started the diving watch with one goal in mind: to dive. The world of sport watches has expanded to include all disciplines as well as the sartorial realm. Modern diving watches are rarely used for other purposes than diving. It can be worn with everything, from jeans and a t-shirt to workout gear to a suit. It is more of a conversation piece than a piece of equipment. The diver watch's continued development is not affected by the way we wear them in 2019. Diver watches continue to grow in sophistication, record-breaking continues, and research continues to deepen.

Primarily designed for survival, the origins of the dive watch can been traced back to 1950 when Blancpain Replica Watches was led by Jean-Jacques Fiechter (current CEO Marc A. Hayek). Fiechter was an avid diver himself.Blancpain Replica Watches Fiechter was the sole owner of the Fifty Fathoms and the entire naming process. The maximum depth that a diver could reach was 50 fathoms. This was equivalent to 300 feet. Blancpain Replica Watches created a double O-ring seal for the crown of the Fifty Fathoms first example, along with a double caseback system. Both would become patents for this marque.

A crown that was worn daily by an automatic movement could be disturbed only minimally. The water resistance is one thing, but maintaining readability underwater is another. Designers had to think about this as well. A jet-black dial was created with markers and hands that feature powerful luminescence. A lockable bezel with clear markings was added for safety. This allowed the diverto keep trackof divetime and oxygen reserve.

These features were so revolutionary that the Fifty Fathoms became the first watch to be able to meet the needs of specialised divers in 1953. It would be the basis for countless designs and remain virtually identical to the NIHS 92-11(ISO 6425), standards that were introduced in 1996 for all divers' watches.Best Replica Watches It is evident that little has changed in design or intent since the first Fifty Fathoms. This model remains, to this day, one Blancpain Replica Watches's most recognizable models.